Hi, Yikes, 10 years ago today, was a "just a regular school day". I was teaching a Small Gas Engine class in the NHS auto shop and it was the second class of the day. 10 or 15 minutes into it, a couple students were speaking softly while they worked on their projects and they nonchalantly asked me if I knew what was "going on"? As we continued with our Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Tecumseh disassembly, I was clueless at that point with regard to the devastating events of that day. Within minutes, probably around 9:10 or so, Principal Aguiar came on the intercom and informed us that jetliners had indeed crashed into The World Trade Towers and that these events looked as though they were deliberate. Children, even typical American high school kids, look to adults for guidance when in time of uncertainty or stress and the seconds and minutes that followed that announcement certainly fell into those categories. I did not try to hide or mask what we had just been informed of. I honestly was speechless. Processing the news, I stood there with my students and calmly, slowly drifted back into the work mode of taking engines apart and showing kids how they work. Things were solemn the rest of the day but we did manage to "keep on keeping on". My loving wife brought me in a sandwich around mid-day and she was crying. This is a sight that usually gets a huge emotional response out of me. I don't like seeing Melissa cry. But the melancholy overtones of the day won out and I knew she was OK, just sad. Classes continued and I finally left school late in the afternoon. 5:00 PM and I finally sat in front of the television. I suppose it was just to much to comprehend in words or at least I chose not to read to much into it throughout the day. I had classes to teach. But faced with those horrific visual images on our 20" screen was to graphic to ignore. I sat silently with tears on my cheeks for an hour. That evening, sitting on our deck, the sky was strangely quiet and devoid of air traffic headed for Europe at 40,000 feet. Yikes Hope everyone is OK out there... thanks, chuck

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