Hi all, Happy Spring....Melissa and I have been traveling the southwest again. Played a bunch of solo gigs in Tucson.... had fun there and they asked me back for the first two weeks in February. Good stuff. We are now hanging out around Death Valley with the incredible wild flowers everyone is talking about. This coming summer should be another corker, gig-wise. Cisco Brewery is switching "timbukblues" to a Saturday afternoon time slot....1:30 till 4:00 does this mean I have a day job?? chuck colley band will be back for buck-a-shuck with chuck at The Lobster Trap on Tuesdays at 5 pm. Wednesdays, "timbukblues will return to "Jetties" and the Rose & Crown on Fridays (we think) We are working on fitting in one or two more summer gigs.... I'll let you know as dates are secured. thanks, chuck