Hi all, Last evening was "timbukblues" last gig for the season. Melissa and I are taking off again on an extended road trip. The Chuck Colley Band played at the VFW on Saturday night for a benifit for The Homestead here on Nantucket and that will do it for that band as well. All of our regular haunts have noted to plan on the same schedule next summer season....... time will tell. Not sure at this point if I'll get to New Orleans for some street singing or not but plan on bartering shows for campsites as we did last year. With no "locked in" itinerary, it's sometimes hard to set up gigs...... We'll see. Thanks to all who came out to see us throughout the summer and thanks to all of our venues that keep asking for our music.... See you on the road. happy halloween ......... thanks, chuck

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