2020 What?? 

REALLY ?? 2020 ?? Yikes! It's been a great winter season so far. Making some great friends and musical connections here in "the old pueblo". Tucson, AZ is just wonderful this time of year. Mostly in the 60's and 70's and sunny. Been playing steadily at The BBQ Rush Restaurant and making my way around town as well. Lots going on here in Tucson. Vibrant Music and arts scene. gots to go..

May 2017 

Hi all, Been a while eh. Made it back to Nantucket for another fun filled summer season. Had a great time out west and played at the La Cantina in Tucson many Wednesday evenings. Fun stuff but now it's "time to make the donuts" here on our little sand spit The chuck colley band will be playing on Tuesdays at the Nantucket Lobster Trap for "Buck-a-Shuck with Chuck" and Timbukblues will be performing weekly at Sandbar at Jetties and the Rose & Crown. Looking forward to seeing you all out and about…

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August 20, 2016 

hi folks, tonight's going to be a great show at the Starlight. (CCB) ... Come join us under the grape arbor..........10 till 1:00 Tomorrow evening is a CCB cancert at Children's Beach........... what fun bring a blanket and the kids..... see ya there.

July 7th 2016 

Hello to all Summer is clearly in full swing. Tonight is The Nantucket Hunting Association along with Ducks Unlimited annual gala at which "timbukblues" will be playing. It has always been a real fun benefit auction kind of deal with great food and fun at the Nantucket Hotel Our regular summer schedule is: Tuesdays: Chuck Colley Band The Lobster Trap 5:00 - 7:30 pm Wednesdays: timbukblues The Jetties 5:30 - 8:30 pm Fridays:…

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Been a bit windy here on-island but the American flags looks some handsome when they are getting blown around like that. One can always go to "calendar dates" on the web-site to find out where in the world we are playing, but our summer dates in a nutshell looks like this Tuesdays: Chuck Colley Band The Lobster Trap 5:00 - 7:30 pm Wednesdays: timbukblues The Jetties 5:30 - 8:30 pm Fridays: timbukblues The Rose & Crown 5:00…

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Late Spring 

Good Day Folks, As presidential and national politics continue to baffle most of us, I'm here to tell ya, It's officially summer on island and things are taking shape (musically). I am very happy to inform you that our usual haunts have ask the bands back for more fun and frolic this season. ( check Calendar Dates for locals and times ) See you out and about. thanks, chuck


Hi all, Happy Spring....Melissa and I have been traveling the southwest again. Played a bunch of solo gigs in Tucson.... had fun there and they asked me back for the first two weeks in February. Good stuff. We are now hanging out around Death Valley with the incredible wild flowers everyone is talking about This coming summer should be another corker, gig-wise. Cisco Brewery is switching "timbukblues" to a Saturday afternoon time slot....1:30 till 4:00 does this mean I have a day job??…

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Merry Christmas 

Ho, Ho, Ho to all. I'm in Tucson, Arizona for a spell. Playing a few club dates and maybe get some motorcycling in if it warms up a bit. Chilly for Tucson! Hung out in Austin, Texas for a few days .... had a good time at Saxon Pub. There are more musicians and clubs and music stores in Austin than you could twang a 440 A string at. Guitars?? ... it would be easy to drop some major do re mi in this town. Had a cool visit and tour of the shop with the folks at Collings Guitars. Lauren…

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Hi all, Last evening was "timbukblues" last gig for the season. Melissa and I are taking off again on an extended road trip. The Chuck Colley Band played at the VFW on Saturday night for a benifit for The Homestead here on Nantucket and that will do it for that band as well. All of our regular haunts have noted to plan on the same schedule next summer season....... time will tell Not sure at this point if I'll get to New Orleans for some street singing or not but plan on bartering shows for…

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summer 2015 

july 4th has come and gone (with a bang) [ ha,ha,] and chuck colley band and "timbukblues" are in full swing here on Nantucket It's been a cool start to summer but she's warmin up now Capt'. Cisco Brewery on Monday afternoons is a blast. "timbukblues" plays from 4:30 till 7:00 PM with wonderful crowds so far this season. Tuesday's from 5:00 till 7:30 the chuck colley band is on the patio at the trap (the nantucket lobster trap) for another season of "buck-a-shuck with chuck as it is sometimes referred…

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