Chuck Colley is a guitar player, singer/songwriter and publisher residing on Nantucket Island and Tucson Arizona.  Chuck plays acoustic instrumental guitar and sings original roots music solo and with an assortment of friends.  Chuck and Erik Wendelken joined with Aoife Clancy  to play together with a refreshing mix of American and Celtic roots music for certain venues in 2012-2013.  Chuck sang with Eelgrass, Nantucket’s own bluegrass band and played the northern new England folk circuit in the late 1970’s. Chuck’s 2008 release, Wood & Steel, is an instrumental collaboration between Chuck and Erik and is an interesting departure from the vocal music these two have thrived in for many years. It has been described as Folk/BlueJazz.  Erik is a seriously accomplished bass player, singer/songwriter and the two have been in each other’s music for more than twenty five years.  The most recent recording, released in February 2013, is titled 6 X 6 and it features six vocal tunes by Chuck and six by Erik.   6 X 6 is an interesting mix of true acoustic roots music.  6 X 6 and Wood & Steel continue to receive radio play, and good reviews. 

"Timbukblues Timbukblues Timbukblues" is chuck colley, erik wendelken and tom stoddart. The three have been friends for some time and it shows in their intertwining melodies and riffs. The band plays some original blues but derives material from the early to late 20th century masters. Some known and many "not so well known" played with stand up bass, resophonic guitars, steel string guitars,  harp and saxophone with vocals from all three members. "timbukblues" an acoustic blues trio.