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summertime - July 12, 2012

hi to all ..............My sweetheart, melissa, insisted that we get a facebook page up and running for chuck and the colleys and "timbukblues" so old Mr. 20th century here, finally gave in and the response has been fan-tastic. thanks everybody........
the last post stated that 12 degrees east was going to do brunch and "timbukblues" and we did a few times. just didn't work out
quite right so Jonas may ty again in the fall........... time will tell. Meanwhile, Monday afternoons are rolling right along at the Brewery here on nantucket and timbukblues is front stage and center. Literally, Dean and the crew have built a cool stage and a
sound system to go along with it. please stop by from 4 -7 on Mondays if you can. Amy from the Ateneum is putting together a blues week in the fall and we are to be a part of it. ...more details to follow
thanks to all,

May 11th..... - May 11, 2012

"timbukblues is going to play at 12 Degrees East this Summer for Sunday Brunch.....Long live Downtown Nantucketown......

May - May 3, 2012

Summer is getting close and the good news is we believe the new record set backs are behind us. Hoping to get the disc off to Oasis by the middle of May. That would probably mean a release date somewhere around the end of June. Fingers crossed
Saw some good old friends over the winter and am looking forward to a fun summer of playing around with "timbukblues" and Chuck and the Colleys. See ya around

NewsFlash - February 18, 2012

I'll be playing Thursday nights at Cisco Brewery as well .. just me and my guitar stuff..
It's also Cribbage night at the Brewery on Thursdays.........

"NewsFlash" - February 11, 2012

last night we played the Cisco Brewery again. Our second friday night in a row...
The asked that "timbukblues" do Fridays for the foreseeable future. We said OK.
See you there.......

February - February 4, 2012

OK, OK..."timbukblues " is playing their first reggea tune of late ....
the band has been calling me "Ziggy Colley" haha.......
It's called "You Said" and people are digging it. See you at Cisco Brewery...........
check the website for dates.......
Thursday or Fridays.......


Happy 2012 - January 6, 2012

Hey Hey, Happy New Year... timbukblues is playing a thursday night gig at Cisco Brewery ....Who would have thunk it???
In the middle of winter... Fun stuff c'mon out and join us if you can. The Atheneum show was suppose to be on the 28th
of January but they will be closed for renovations ... therfore our winter show has been pushed forward to a spring show on the 7th of April. Oh Boy, I sure do like playing upstairs in the Atheneum.

They did the Monster Mash - October 24, 2011

Happy Halloween all you goblins and ghosts out there. It has been a wonderful fall on Nantucket and The colder weather is just about to set in. I was actually swimming a couple weeks ago just after Columbus Day. We just stopped playing at Cisco Brewery last week and we... Chuck and the Colleys have been filling in for Earth Got the Blues at the Rose and Crown on Thursday nights.
Fun Stuff...C'mon down and have a cold one if you are on island. Many of you have asked about the album and I am happy to report that Erik and Tom and I are happily putting considerable effort into this project as the weather cools and Hopefully it will all payoff. The Nantucket Atheneum has graciously asked that I do a show in January ... I think this year will be a "timbukblues"
concert. Went to the Wellfleet Oyster Festival last weekend and had a ball. Maybe try and play there next year mmmm Oysters.

9-11-11 - September 11, 2011

Yikes, 10 years ago today, was a "just a regular school day". I was teaching a Small Gas Engine class in the NHS auto shop and it was the second class of the day. 10 or 15 minutes into it, a couple students were speaking softly while they worked on their projects and they nonchalantly asked me if I knew what was "going on"? As we continued with our Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Tecumseh disassembly, I was clueless at that point with regard to the devastating events of that day. Within minutes, probably around 9:10 or so, Principal Aguiar came on the intercom and informed us that jetliners had indeed crashed into The World Trade Towers and that these events looked as though they were deliberate.
Children, even typical American high school kids, look to adults for guidance when in time of uncertainty or stress and the seconds and minutes that followed that announcement certainly fell into those categories. I did not try to hide or mask what we had just been informed of. I honestly was speechless. Processing the news, I stood there with my students and calmly, slowly drifted back into the work mode of taking engines apart and showing kids how they work. Things were solemn the rest of the day but we did manage to "keep on keeping on".
My loving wife brought me in a sandwich around mid-day and she was crying. This is a sight that usually gets a huge emotional response out of me. I don't like seeing Melissa cry. But the melancholy overtones of the day won out and I knew she was OK, just sad.
Classes continued and I finally left school late in the afternoon. 5:00 PM and I finally sat in front of the television. I suppose it was just to much to comprehend in words or at least I chose not to read to much into it throughout the day. I had classes to teach. But faced with those horrific visual images on our 20" screen was to graphic to ignore. I sat silently with tears on my cheeks for an hour. That evening, sitting on our deck, the sky was strangely quiet and devoid of air traffic headed for Europe at 40,000 feet. Yikes

Hope everyone is OK out there...

September 2, 2011 - September 2, 2011

On the 20th of August we had a late nite party going on at the Starlight Theatre. Whoa, Mandy!! Dave Polin and a couple friends joined in with the chuck colley trio and we whooped it up. Cranked out some bluegrass standards and all had a great time. The Starlight was packed and ther were 25 people out in the street dancing around. We are coming down the home stretch as far as summer gigs and maybe we can find some time for recording.....
We dodged another bullet with Hurricane Irene here on Nantucket. Once again, we had minimal problems with this storm. That's just fine with me and pretty much everyone else who has boat or boats in the water.

August 15, 2011 - August 15, 2011

Hey, It's Monday the 15th of August and Pierce Pettis is in town and
giving a songwriting workshop. See you there eh... just contact the Atheneum for details.
And He's giving a concert Monday evening as well.
As the summer winds down timbukblues and Chuck Colley Trio are busier than ever.
Looking forward to a bit more time this fall and concentrating on the record.

Sad Day on Planet Earth - July 25, 2011

Hi All,
I found out Sunday (7-24-11) that my old friend Bill Morrissey passed away in a hotel room in Georgia
on Saturday night. Bummer!
It has been almost a year since we talked last on the phone. I realized last night, that he was one of just a couple people that taught me to be economical with words. The other was a psych professor named Ken Stuart I used to write lab reports for. Both, in their own way, would pretty much give similar advice. "quit being so god damn flowery chuck and write down what your really trying to say." ....... I'm sad .....

Summer - July 13, 2011

Yikes, It's July...Summer is here on Nantucket once again and the news is "timbukblues"
chuck colley quadruple is playing around the island but timbukblues is doing it up as well. We are having a blast with this band. Tom Stoddart is awesome with vocals and his harp playing...Erik is (as always) steady as a rock and I am playing tunes I have not thought of in decades. I have written a bunch of blues tune that fit our style stuff......come out and see us at Cisco Brewery or the Starlight or at Arno"s at 41 Main Street.

April Fools...... - March 29, 2011

Almost April and it's been a while. We are still in the upper 20's at night here on Nantucket ....hmmmm
Key West is looking pretty good right about now. I know you've heard this before, but Erik's and my new album has taken on new life. We had a 3 month respite from "New Old Love" for undisclosed reasons but we are back "ON" it. The title may even change and the song line-up has changed due to some new material. Fun and games at Purple Haze Studio.

February - February 5, 2011

Well, Burrrrr.... Actually Nantucket has escaped the copious amounts of snow all over the country. We've just had wind and rain. Had a wonderful concert at the Nantucket Ateneum last week. Les Bevins came over from Cape Cod and played his banjo, which allowed us to do some old Eelgrass tunes..... A good time was had by all.
Pandora radio started playing The Wood & Steel album a week or so ago and it's been fun hearing back from friends and fans.

happy new year - January 2, 2011

It was a quiet New Years Eve here on Nantucket... had some family visiting but no "Rip-Roaring" this year. The big news is that Pandora want to play the Wood & Steel album on internet radio. Farout eh??
It probably won't be up and running til mid-February but we are pretty excited about that. Happy New Year everybody.....

Happy Thanksgiving - November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks to all who have givien a listen to the music.......

good news - November 7, 2010

Erik and I are back at it the studio. revisiting some and doing a few new one that might make the cut so to speak.
Just got a call from the Atheneum here on Nantucket and they would like us to do another show in late January. Maybe work up some real Blugrass for a Mid-Winter hoot. Kiss or shake hands with a Vet on Thursday...

Almost Halloween ...Boo - October 22, 2010

Hi all, Yikes, Halloween and holidays right around the corner. Fall has finally had it's way with Nantucket. All of a sudden the wind has a much different feel. The latest is that we should be on Pandora quite soon... For those of you that are unfamiliar with Pandora, it is free internet radio with a twist... The whole idea is to turn you on to new music. You tell Pandora an artist's name or a specific song and it will play it and then it will pick other artists or songs that may be which you can give them a thumbs up or down and Pandora will tailor your search accordingly. Pretty cool !! So, if you guys punch in Wood and Steel tunes, or chuck colley, Bingo, there we are .... and then you would be turned on to other cool stuff as well.

august 16, 2010 - August 16, 2010

Another show tonight with grorge young at cisco brewery. fun stuff....tomorrow george has agreed to try a couple tracks on the new record. YeeHaa.....
Don't change that dial... we'll keep you posted

August - August 8, 2010

Hi all, well, the big news is george young is on island this summer and he has been playing with erik and I at Cisco Brewer on Monday nites. Yes this is the george young saxophone player extrodinare. What a trip.... could not meet a cooler guy. It really has been fun.
We have been so busy with gigs that the album is progressing slowly.
oh well, it's summer ....
Hope you are having a good one...

summer/summer - July 17, 2010

Hi all, july 17th "Holy Cannoli" Summer be flying by. gigs all over the place ....speaking of which ...Ossipee festival is this week and that's always a hoot. If your in New England get yourself over to Cornish, Maine in the western foothills and have a blast. Erik and I will be playing Friday at 3:00 pm and throughout the weekend.
The record is coming along but must admit that it's a struggle to find time in the summer.
Carry on troops !!!

June,Summer Aahh... - June 3, 2010

Hi All, New Old Love is still in the process (so to speak)... Erik and Tom Stoddart and I are mixing and remixing. Don't have a release date yet but we are working on it.
Looks like we will have a number of steady gigs when summer finally kicks in. Nantucket Bistro's will be filled with our instrumental and vocal tunes so come on down. I'll be upating with date as we get a bit further into June.
Thanks for your emails and comments,

Spring !! - April 15, 2010

Hi All, The show with Aoife at the Nantucket Atheneum was another fun filled night in the great room upstairs. Lots of long time friends and new-comers as well. Aoife joined Erik and I singing "Kansas" and the crowd seemed to enjoy her participation on that song.
Our next disc is gathering steam.... Artwork is coming together and I do believe almost all is recorded. See ya's time to go start mixing these tunes....
( hope your getting $$ back today )
thanks, chuck

Mid-Winter - February 2, 2010

The Ground Hog said whatever he says today and I guess we are in for another six weeks of winter. Yeah, O.K. ....
The Cornish Inn has asked us back this year, so we'll be there on the 27th of February. Hot Damn, Sure was a fun time last year....see if CC3 can't do it again....
Erik and I are within reach of finishing up the recording part of the new album..... yipee!! then it's the mixing etc.etc. progress........
stay warm
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