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May 2017 - May 6, 2017

Hi all, Been a while eh. Made it back to Nantucket for another fun filled summer season. Had a great time out west and played at the La Cantina in Tucson many Wednesday evenings. Fun stuff but now it's "time to make the donuts" here on our little sand spit.
The chuck colley band will be playing on Tuesdays at the Nantucket Lobster Trap for "Buck-a-Shuck with Chuck" and Timbukblues will be performing weekly at Sandbar at Jetties and the Rose & Crown. Looking forward to seeing you all out and about once things get cracking.

August 20, 2016 - August 20, 2016

hi folks, tonight's going to be a great show at the Starlight. (CCB) ... Come join us under the grape arbor..........10 till 1:00
Tomorrow evening is a CCB cancert at Children's Beach........... what fun bring a blanket and the kids..... see ya there.

July 7th 2016 - July 7, 2016

Hello to all......
Summer is clearly in full swing. Tonight is The Nantucket Hunting Association along with Ducks Unlimited annual gala at which "timbukblues" will be playing. It has always been a real fun benefit auction kind of deal with great food and fun at the Nantucket Hotel.
Our regular summer schedule is:

Tuesdays: Chuck Colley Band The Lobster Trap 5:00 - 7:30 pm

Wednesdays: timbukblues The Jetties 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Fridays: timbukblues The Rose & Crown 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Saturdays: timbukblues Cisco Brewery 1:30 - 4:00 pm

The Ossipee Music Festival in Cornish Maine has asked the Chuck Colley Band to do a set on Saturday July 30th. Probably around mid-day 1:00 ish.... check the schedule as time approaches.
hope you are enjoying summer as much as I am
see ya out there
thanks, chuck

"June-uary" - June 12, 2016

Been a bit windy here on-island but the American flags looks some handsome when they are getting blown around like that. One can always go to "calendar dates" on the web-site to find out where in the world we are playing, but our summer dates in a nutshell looks like this:

Tuesdays: Chuck Colley Band The Lobster Trap 5:00 - 7:30 pm

Wednesdays: timbukblues The Jetties 5:30 - 8:30 pm

Fridays: timbukblues The Rose & Crown 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Saturdays: timbukblues Cisco Brewery 1:30 - 4:00 pm

We'll also be a the Starlight but have not ironed out all the dates yet, and there are some private parties as well.
Hope to see you out and about..........

Late Spring - May 24, 2016

Good Day Folks,
As presidential and national politics continue to baffle most of us, I'm here to tell ya, It's officially summer on island and things are taking shape (musically). I am very happy to inform you that our usual haunts have ask the bands back for more fun and frolic this season. ( check Calendar Dates for locals and times )
See you out and about.

Spring - March 21, 2016

Hi all, Happy Spring....Melissa and I have been traveling the southwest again. Played a bunch of solo gigs in Tucson.... had fun there and they asked me back for the first two weeks in February. Good stuff. We are now hanging out around Death Valley with the incredible wild flowers everyone is talking about.
This coming summer should be another corker, gig-wise. Cisco Brewery is switching "timbukblues" to a Saturday afternoon time slot....1:30 till 4:00 does this mean I have a day job?? chuck colley band will be back for buck-a-shuck with chuck at The Lobster Trap on Tuesdays at 5 pm. Wednesdays, "timbukblues will return to "Jetties" and the Rose & Crown on Fridays (we think)
We are working on fitting in one or two more summer gigs.... I'll let you know as dates are secured.
thanks, chuck

Merry Christmas - December 25, 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho to all. I'm in Tucson, Arizona for a spell. Playing a few club dates and maybe get some motorcycling in if it warms up a bit. Chilly for Tucson! Hung out in Austin, Texas for a few days .... had a good time at Saxon Pub. There are more musicians and clubs and music stores in Austin than you could twang a 440 A string at. Guitars?? ... it would be easy to drop some major
do re mi in this town. Had a cool visit and tour of the shop with the folks at Collings Guitars. Lauren walked us through the whole process.
Well good people, spoke with a friend in Bennington, Vermont Christmas eve and he said he was working on firewood for the winter but it was 70 degrees outside .... Yikes

Merry Christmas..............


October - October 27, 2015

Hi all, Last evening was "timbukblues" last gig for the season. Melissa and I are taking off again on an extended road trip. The Chuck Colley Band played at the VFW on Saturday night for a benifit for The Homestead here on Nantucket and that will do it for that band as well. All of our regular haunts have noted to plan on the same schedule next summer season....... time will tell.
Not sure at this point if I'll get to New Orleans for some street singing or not but plan on bartering shows for campsites as we did last year. With no "locked in" itinerary, it's sometimes hard to set up gigs...... We'll see.
Thanks to all who came out to see us throughout the summer and thanks to all of our venues that keep asking for our music....
See you on the road. happy halloween .........

summer 2015 - July 7, 2015

july 4th has come and gone (with a bang) [ ha,ha,] and chuck colley band and "timbukblues" are in full swing here on Nantucket.
It's been a cool start to summer but she's warmin up now Capt'. Cisco Brewery on Monday afternoons is a blast. "timbukblues"
plays from 4:30 till 7:00 PM with wonderful crowds so far this season. Tuesday's from 5:00 till 7:30 the chuck colley band is on the patio at the trap (the nantucket lobster trap) for another season of "buck-a-shuck with chuck as it is sometimes referred too.
Marshall at The Jetties has also asked "timbukblues to return this summer season. What a blast to play right at Jetties beach. We are there from 5:30 till 8:30 on Wednesday nights. We also play the Rose and Crown on Saturdays......Cocktail hours: 5 -7 PM.
I have also sporatically been filling in with Four Easy Payments as they are down a player this season. Along with some private party gigs this is a busy Nantucket Summer and we be digging it.
Although I have not seen it yet, John Shea 's film, Gray Lady features one of my songs, Steamship Whistle Blues. Can't wait to check it out.............. See you out and about .................

Spring..... - April 3, 2015

Hi all.......
As I look west at the San Francisco Mountains, I am feeling about as lucky as a person can get. This "trek" that Melissa and I have been on for 5 months has been a real stunner. Just the best.....even through having knee surgury back in New Orleans, after I played on Rue Royal, the whole trip has been great. Got some free lodging for the bus by playing some gigs in campground lounges....... Didn't realize there was such a thing but there is. Good to do some serious traveling again.
This summer is shaping up great as well. The same haunts that chuck colley band and "timbukblues" hung out in last year have asked us back for the 2015 summer season. Yippie..........I'll make a point of keeping the calendar as up to date as possible.
thanks all,

September 30, 2014 - September 30, 2014

Hi, How could I forget......"timbukblues" played the 1st (hopefully) annual Nantucket Blues BBQ this past Saturday. What a blast.
A One day festival that included several local bands and a bunch of National and international acts as well. Anthony Gomes totally blew me away and Bisquit Miller and the Mix were Hot. Shemekia Copeland was over the top. This was a really cool festival and I was proud to be a part of it. check em out. thanks,chuck

September 30, 2014 - September 30, 2014

First off let me apologise for not keeping my calendar current. Sorry....After Labor day things were suppose to settle down a bit...
They did not.....Anyway, "timbukblues is still playing a few island gigs and Nantucket is starting to settle into the off season routine. Allthough, I was swimming twice on the 25th of September....(not bad for New England) ... The big news is that Melissa and I are preparing to take a little trip. Well, not so little, .... We are taking off on a North American Tour for the Winter months. Meet some new people, play some new venues, update the website, (yikes), See some new territory. We'll keep you posted

Mid-Summer - July 30, 2014

Hi All, Wow, Have we been busy this summer ... The Chuck Colley Band or "timbukblues" is playing almost every night.
It's great ...It's been a tad cooler than past summers but we've had some really great days as well.
This weekend is the first of ( I hope ) many to come ...Nantucket Music Festival... and The Chuck Colley Band will be kicking off the evening performance on Saturday night at 6:00 pm along with Harrison Roach and Dispatch to follow.
CCB also just contracted with B-Ackyard BBQ for late nite Thursdays throughout August .... 10:00 - 12:00 pm
So August in a nutshell is CCB Tuesdays at the Lobster Trap and Thursday nites at B-Ackyard BBQ and
TBB ...Mondays-Brewery / Wednesdays-Jetties / Thursdays - Starlight / Fridays - Rose & Crown .... Yikes !!!
See you around campus.........

Summer/July - July 20, 2014

hey, all.... thing are cooking here on the island. "timbukblues" concert at Childrens Beach was cancelled ytonight due to rain and wind out of the NE. It would not have been fun for most folks but from here till Labor Day sure look fun-filled.
Mondays are "timbukblues" Cisco Brewery / Tuesdays are Chuck Colley Band at The Lobster Trap / Wednesdays are Jetties Beach / Thursdays are Starlight / Fridays are Rose & Crown...... Next Weekend is Ossipee Festival ..... the following week is The Chuck Colley Band at The Nantucket Music Festival ...... We be JAMMIN" .....Thanks for all your kind comments and we'll see you at one of these fine island venues of at the festivals......
thanks, chuck

May News - May 10, 2014

Timy McDonald got in touch with me to see if "timbukblues" would like to play a gig here on the island that he is putting together
and wow, what a cool gig. In September, The 27th at the VFW a blues BBQ. check out the line up...... this is going to be fun folks
big time.....Here is what I've got so far:

Shemekia Copeland
The Mutherload
Anthony Gomes
Eddie Shaw and The Wolfgang
Lydia Warren
Biscuit Miller and The Mix


May - May 3, 2014

just a quick note to say chuck colley band will be playing at the Nantucket Music Festival. They are still ironing out the time slots for performers so we'll have to see when on either the 2nd or 3rd of August. That will be the weekend after the Ossipee festival in Maine.
This is the week that "timbukblues" starts our MONDAY time slot at Cisco Brewery. See you there....thanks, chuck

Ahhh, May 2014 - April 27, 2014

Finally, winter has given up it's grip on the island. This "Daffodil weekend was a bit of a wash out .... the cool antique automobile parade had to be cancelled ...bummer for those of us who appreciate old cars and trucks. The music scene is beginning to open up and summer dates are mostly in place ......check out the calender for chuck colley band and timbukblues dates and times.
The Ferrantella double album project is going great guns. They met their "Kickstarter" goal and Victor and Nick are mixing away on the's going to be great. thanks, chuck

February??? - February 21, 2014

February, Hell it's almost March.....Yes, once again I have been totally remiss with regard to this sight......Bad Dog !!
I'll try again............the music scene seems to be in good shape on nantucket this year. Cisco has once a gain led the way with live music almost everyday. That kind of commitment from any venue is alot to deal with and very much appreciated by musicians and patons alike. "timbukblues" is playing at the Sea Dog on Saturday nite from 9 - 12 and we are still at Cisco Brewery on Friday nites through May or so. Recording wise -- Erik Wendelken has done some cool things with the clancy legacy and TBB just laid down a track for the upcoming Garden Rock Studio album "Island Vibes" - the nantucket collection. Nick Ferrantella and Victor Ferrantella are working on this very cool project. It's a Kickstarter deal so please go to gardenrockstudios
facebook page and give these guys som do-re-mi. Seriously folks cough it up.............It's hard to find two cooler guys than Nick and Vic................
all right..........time to update the calendar.......see you out and about

Fall 2013 - October 24, 2013

Hey out there......Sorry it's been so long but we are definately in Fall eh? Just when I thought thing were slowing down, Cisco Brewery asked me to do "chuck colley solo" on Thursdays again this Winter season to which I agreed. Fiday nights is "timbukblues" night and they also asked if Colley & Wendelken could play on Mondays. So I doubt my calluses will soften too much. I / we played several benifits so far this fall and will do a couple more before Christmas.

August 2013 - July 31, 2013

Hey....... "timbukblues just returned from a real fun trip to The Ossipee Valley Music Fest where we played on Saturday. What a blast. Tons and Tons of great music and we had a great audience early Saturday afternoon. Saw lots of friends and played lots of blues and bluegrass.
August is going to be a very busy month for both bands. The Collies enjoying a great gig at the nantucket lobster trap....
"A Buck A Shuck With Chuck ....... delicious Raw bar and us on the patio. "timbukblues" will be at Cisco Brewery, The Starlight and The Rose & Crown all month long. Check "calender dates" for times. Enjoy the Summer folks.........

summer - July 7, 2013

hi, just got back to the hotel after seeing Lyle Lovett and his acoustic band at the Cape Cod Melody Tent and he was great as always. Dry humor, crisp wit and great music. Off tomorrow to talk to Bill Tippin about the new guitar. It's a 2006 DST model
and it's a bear. Mohgany and Adirondack Spruce. Pretty cool.
Only a couple weeks of playing everywhere on Nantucket and then we're off to the Ossipee Valley Music Festival where "timbukblues" will perform on Friday night on stage two. This is always a fun festival see ya there..................

Spring - April 7, 2013

Hi all, The Record is out and available in stores on island and at all major internet retailers Yippie...........
Pandora is coming.......We are working out the summer schedule Looks like the ossipee music fest would like "timbukblues"
to play and that's towards the end of July.....I'll keep you posted.
Chuck and the Collies are working on private parties and summer gigs and "timbukblues" moves to Monday afternoons at the Brewery on Monday May 13th. See you around

February - February 6, 2013

Hi all......"timbukblues" continues to play at Cisco Brewery on Friday nights throughout the off season. What a blast....
It's "Pot Luck" again on Friday nights......great dishes and lots of folks showing up. Fun Fun.........OK, the real news is that
Erik and I just received the first box of the new album............6 X 6 is finally about to make it's long awaited and anticipated
release. Just a few more weeks........ although, it will take some time to get it on itunes and pandora radio but it's here ......It's here.... It will actually hit the stores sometime in March. Yippee..................
Going to South Florida for a week of R&R on the to ya when I return..............Thanks, chuck

November - November 10, 2012

Hi all, Cisco Brewery has asked that I play a solo gig on Thursday nights throughout the winter and they also asked that "timbukblues" play on Friday nights again. Yippee...... I imagine the pot-luck vittles will start up again as well.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody......

Late September - September 25, 2012

Hi all........October promices to be a quirky month at Cisco Brewery. "timbukblues" has been asked to play through the winter on Friday nites......Farout......but it's going to take a while to settle in. We'll continue to be there on Monday afternoons next week (the 1st) and then Monday the 8th and ten switch to Friday the 12th and 19th .....but then not on the 26th. Got that??
We will also be at the Nantucket Atheneum on 12th from 7 - 8.
Time to make applesauce isn't it?? Enjoy the fall everyone..................
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